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  • Brazil
    9 galleries
    We have a huge collection of images of Brazil, including everything from rainforests to factories and indigenous people to cities. If you can't find what you want in our on-line archive please contact us; we may have a suitable image in our off-line material.
  • South America
    3 galleries
    South America is a major focus of our images. We have good coverage of Peru, and smaller sections on Chile and Argentina. See also our separate gallery on Brazil.
  • Africa
    10 galleries
    Although our coverage of Africa is not comprehensive in geographical terms, the areas we cover are in depth, showing the great beauty and incredible variety of this magnificent continent.
  • Europe
    4 galleries
    Our European coverage includes most Western European countries and many Central and Eastern European ones as well.
  • People
    6 galleries
    Our images of people are comprehensive, intimate, descriptive and evocative.
  • Environment
    5 galleries
    Our environment images demonstrate both the beauty of nature and the threats affecting it, from land use change to global warming.
  • Travel & Tourism
    18 galleries
    Travel and tourism images from many parts of the world, including carnival and other cultural events, sightseeing locations and buildings.
  • Photojournalism Stories
  • Graphic Images
    4 galleries
  • Industry & Agriculture
    4 galleries
    We have an unusually comprehensive selection of industrial and commercial images, based on extensive journalistic and corporate commissions.
  • Culture & Sport
    3 galleries
    Culture and sport are an important part of daily life.